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Remote Display

"We'd really like to be able to get the read without having to go inside"

Having to enter each house added a lot of time.


So meter manufacturers developed a mechanical remote display which got mounted outside the house.


Using wire, it connected to the meter's register and worked by receiving electrical pulses.

The meter's register was programmed to send a micro electrical pulse to the remote display based on a specific volume. For example, for every thousand gallons run through the meter the register would send a pulse and the dials would increment.


These stayed in use for a while - and still are used today in places.

But ultimately, they were highly unreliable. They frequently froze, malfunctioned and/or otherwise didn't work. The dials would even move if a baseball hit the display. Most major manufacturers stopped making them.

The meter reader writes down the read or enters it into a handheld device.

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