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Submetering your Mobile Home Park

"Submetering" is when you install a water meter in each individual unit within your mobile home park. This gives you - as well as the tenant - visibility to how much water is being used per unit. It also lets you bill your tenants for their actual water usage instead of dividing the overall municipal water bill equally among everyone.


Some tenants are very conscious of their water usage. Others simply waste water because there's no incentive not to. They frequently wash cars and leave garden hoses on. Leaky toilets and faucets go unrepaired. Instead of properly insulating, they leave faucets drip during winter so their pipes don't freeze.


Most landlords who install submeters immediately report overall reductions in water usage of up to people have to pay for the exact water they use. Toilets get fixed. Pipes get insulated.


Submetering not only makes economical sense for the landlord; it also makes sense for all tenants because it's fair.

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